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Powerband Is Packed with the latest Features that aren't Provided by any other ISP Currently, think of us as the Web 2.0 of ISP's! Here's the Full List of Features and the Video Demos are below:

  • Speed- Powerband puts you on a virtual computer that is connected to a huge internet backbone. The result are downloads that are almost instant no matter how large the download.. Powerband has been in labs for the past year finding ways of speeding up every aspect of the internet experience. At then end we find ourselves with very few limitations!
  • Instant Peer to Peer (iP2P) Technology- Our file sharing technology that's hundreds of times faster than bit-torrent! Imagine a new movie just being released on the internet, and everybody wants to watch it. Up until we created iP2P you'd have to search the internet for it, then once you found the file to download it, the download would go very slow because everybody is trying to download it. The way iP2P works is we connect all our users together so once one user, of several million users download's the file everybody on the Powerband network gets access to this file at a speed of 1Gbps! That means it would take less than a second to download the movie that would take a normal internet users hours to download! That's Instant Peer to Peer!
  • No More Downloads or Installing Programs- Powerband no longer requires you to search the depths of the internet for certain files or software downloads that you need. Have you ever needed an old version of software? or just couldn't find the software download that you need? Powerband now allows you to quickly run a search straight from your virtual desktop that scans many different users over the Powerband network to find the file you need! So if one person happens to have the file that you need you don't have to download it, you can just stream the entire application over the Powerband network! So if it's midnight and you have a paper due the next and you can't seem to find a word processor on your computer, no worries with Powerband you can just stream the application, movie, song, picture, or any other file over our network so you don't even have to download or install the software!
  • Connect with Friends, Co-Workers and Others- Powerband is a new form of internet but one of the greatest parts is the ability to communicate with it! With the permission of your friends you can see what files they've downloaded, share files, and share music, pictures, or video libraries between your computers. This makes it great for offices that need to share files back and forth between Co-Workers! And the greatest part is no matter where you're at Powerband is available so if you're on the road with your mobile phone you can still connect with Co-Workers and view, edit, and share files straight from your mobile phone!
  • Powerband User Built Add-On's- We believe the users have a passion to work on improving Powerband and their internet experience just as we do! Users have the ability to upload applications to a folder share other that users can then download and use on their virtual machine to improve their Powerband Internet Experiece!
  • File Monitors- If you're interested in a certain group, interest, or user that downloads a lot of the same content you do you can set a file monitor. For example if you like the newest movie releases you can monitor the group "Newest Movie Releases" and when someone adds a new file to that group it will notify you! This way you never miss out on the latest filesharing hype!
  • Available Everywhere- Since Powerband is essentially a hosted cloud environment it allows you to connect from anywhere and begin downloading files and installing things on your Powerband virtualized computer from anywhere there's a computer.
  • Compatible on almost All Internet Devices- Powerband is compatible with almost every type of computer, Windows, Mac, Linux, and even mobile phones! So no matter where you go you're connected! So even if you have your mobile phone and you're on the road you can still watch movies over the Powerband network straight to your mobile phone! You can even listen to music, view pictures, and download files at 1Gbps straight from your mobile phone!
  • Universally Synchronized Files- Powerband is available everywhere, so no matter where you go, your files are always there and synchronized. No longer forget to sync your iPod with your computer. Just connect to Powerband with your mobile phone and download and play music on your phone, at work, school, or home and have all music, videos, pictures, and files available to you!
  • The Most Secure Internet Ever- Powerband is also the only internet that puts a barrier between your computer and the internet. The virtual computer that you use prevents any possible virus from getting on your physical computer! It's nearly impossible to get a virus on your computer with Powerband!
  • No bandwidth Throttling-We don't throttle your bandwidth! So no matter how much you download you always achieve the highest possible speeds!

Here's a Video Demonstrating the Features that Powerband Has to Offer:


Video Demoing Powerband's Instant P2P Technology



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