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Chief Executive Officer
About Us

Powerband Internet is an internet company based out of Fresno, California. “Powerband Technology” was originally created to fix today’s limitations on highspeed internet. The idea behind Powerband was that normal highspeed internet providers could not provide broadband to rural users which is why 70% of users around the world still connect to the internet via dialup. Powerband was the solution not only for highspeed internet users but also the remaining 70% of internet users that until today had no other options but dial up. As internet intensive applications such as streaming movies, music, and games continue to grow the need for a faster internet solution was needed. The answer came from an 18 year old, Mike Pronovost, CEO of Powerband Internet.
Pronovost put together a cloud based concept that would allow users hindered by slow internet connections to still experience the internet the way it was meant to be, fast.

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